Air Conditioning, especially in the car

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Air Conditioning, especially in the car


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this form. But I had an experience several times that’s been eye-opening for me. Being in the car long distance with the air-conditioning blowing on my legs can really magnify my RLS symptoms without me being aware of it. And several times - not just once - I got almost total relief by just turning off the air-conditioning.

This is not fool-proof because I’ve also had times where the air conditioning doesn’t seem to make as much of a difference.

But it does explain some things, like why I get RLS in theaters sometimes. Often times the air-conditioning is really strong in those environments. This isn’t a 100% cure but it’s made a real difference at times.

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Re: Air Conditioning, especially in the car

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Anything that cools my legs or feet (or arms) is an aggravator for me. It 's a good thing to be aware of, especially if it sneaks up on you. Usually the cold air on my legs is not from air conditioning and is anything but subtle.
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Re: Air Conditioning, especially in the car

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