Please share your experiences, successes, and failures in using non-drug therapies for WED/RLS (methods of relief that don't involve swallowing or injecting anything), including compression, heat, light, stretches, acupuncture, etc. Also under this heading, medical interventions that don't involve the administration of a medicine to the body (eg. varicose-vein operations, deep-brain stimulation). [This forum contains Topics started prior to 2009 that deal with Non-prescription Medicines, Supplements, & Diet.]
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Postby SquirmingSusan » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:52 pm

I thought I'd post this in here, too, for those who might not find it in the other section...

I've had some success with hypnosis. It helps ease some of those subconscious issues and negative associations with going to bed. It only works for me, though, when the RLS is under control. Here are some links to some good hypnosis CDs:

This first one is my favorite. Tom's voice is relaxing, the music is nice, and the background noises are very realistic. Carol's voice is a bit grating, but she's a pro - her father was Milton Erickson, founder of Ericksonian hypnosis. It's "double induction" meaning they both talk at once. It's kind of disorienting, which is good when it comes to getting to sleep.


Kristin has a nice voice, and her tapes are also quite good.
http://www.newhealthvisions.com/catalog ... 0ane7aa7i3


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