2 days - Magnesium, Reduce Salt (none after 4pm), Calcium

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2 days - Magnesium, Reduce Salt (none after 4pm), Calcium

Postby liftgat » Mon Apr 09, 2007 5:40 pm

This solution worked for me with results in 2 days and continues to be working for me:

Magnesium, Reduce Salt (none after 4pm), Calcium supplement

I purchased this ebook on this for $30 -- it said to do these three things, and it's TOTALLY working for me - in just 2 days. To be complete, I should also add:

- I've had RLS about 1.5 years - so I don't know if it'd work for long-time sufferers

- I take Vitaplen as a daily liquid multi-vitamin, which is shy in both Magnesium and Calcium, so this remedy balanced a vitamin deficiency I didn't know I had.

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- The magnesium source I'm using (which is magnesium and potassium) is from Equinox, called "Liquid Mineral Complex". I add a few drops to my food throughout the day.

I hope for relief for all of us!


I so so so hope this helps others.

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