pantyhose?? at night or during the day?

Please share your experiences, successes, and failures in using non-drug therapies for WED/RLS (methods of relief that don't involve swallowing or injecting anything), including compression, heat, light, stretches, acupuncture, etc. Also under this heading, medical interventions that don't involve the administration of a medicine to the body (eg. varicose-vein operations, deep-brain stimulation). [This forum contains Topics started prior to 2009 that deal with Non-prescription Medicines, Supplements, & Diet.]
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pantyhose?? at night or during the day?

Postby deemarie1975 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:04 am

I just read the recap of all the non prescription methods that have worked so for and saw that a few people have found wearing pantyhose to help. I was wondering if those of you that have found relief by wearing pantyhose could share some more info with me.

Did you wear them all day or did you wear them to bed? I do not wear pantyhose on a regular basis. At this point I'm willing to give anything a try.

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Postby ctravel12 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:34 pm

Hi Deemarie and welcome to this group. I have read somewhere in some of the posts that some of the people wear the support hose (or compression stockings) and some of them gets relief. One thing to remember is what works for one may not work for others. Something like this you can see if it works. No harm in trying it.

It is good to also read other posts. Start at the forum New to RlS as they have alot of good sticky posts one called "Mananging RLS". There is alot of good info out there and just one thing one person says may be of help to you.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing and hope that the panty hose do work for you.
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Postby ViewsAskew » Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:33 pm


I am not one who gets relief from them (they make it worse for me), but here is what I remember what what they have posted:

1. Use extra-strength pantyhose. High support or even medical grade compression stockings help the most.

2. Use them when you have RLS. So, if your RLS is at night, use them then.

3. Dr Wass is the membername of a guy here who loves them. You could search on his name and read all of his posts; I know he's said people can write to him and ask questions.

Hope that helps.
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pantyhose night or day??

Postby DrWass2 » Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:41 pm

whenever you think you need it... Most people it gets bad at night, and especially annoying when trying to sleep. I usually only wear at night. I try to go to sleep without them at first, and if I am constantly figeting, I put them on and things quite down.

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Postby DrWass2 » Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:44 am

It's simple, Its easy, there are no side effects.....try have nothing to lose and you might gain some sleep

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