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Gluatmine - big help

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 5:59 pm
by georger
I have been logging in to talk about supplements for a couple of years. I used to take Tyrosine, and really loved it. Somehow during the last year I have switched to just taking Glutamine right before bed.

I have changed a number of my habits, and have been able to reduce my RLS symtoms quite abit. As I mentioned before that if I get real stressed out or depressed then it can flare up.

I now use MBT Shoes, (see MBT - Masai Barefoot Technology Shoes on the internet) nearly all the time, do pilates in the morning, walk and do yoga before I go to bed. My only drugs are a very small "chip" off a low dosage mirapex tablet and 1/2 a clonazepam, which I am working toward getting off of. I have already checked and am not addicted to it. I am just superstious and slow to change anything quickly, as a I sleep like a baby every night.

I highly recommend Glutamine at bedtime. The yoga may end up being a "relaxant" for me and may allow me to stop clonazepam. I now see my RLS being related to shock to my leg muscles and or spine, and that I can effectively relieve this with different shoes, exercise and yoga. The Glutamine effects muscles and I believe has a connection to the brain - but I need to do more research on it.

thank you for the recent comments on Tyrozine, it is nice to see other people benefiting from it.