Sex to Help RLS

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Sex to Help RLS

Post by Ron »

I have found that a sexual climax is helpful when I am trying to get to sleep or get back to sleep. I believe it has something to do with endorphins, but it can be useful. Other sufferers of RLS also said that it has helped their symptoms.

I have had RLS about 15 years now.


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Post by snowbound »

I can attest to that. Many a night a little pleasure has rendered my RLS symptoms to next to nothing. :D

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Post by happyfeet »

Sorry. It neither helps nor hinders.

Does it make a difference, I wonder, if you are male or female?
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Post by ViewsAskew »

Over the years, many people have commented, and both men and women. It's not so much sex that helps as the orgasm itself - as Ron said, it's a nice release of brain chemicals that for many people completely resolves the RLS.

That said, there are those it does not help, happyfeet, like you...and the few like me and Aiken for whom it sometimes makes the RLS worse. Really really really sux to have the lovely pleasurable feeling immediately overtaken by the anxiety of the RLS :shock: I say sometimes because since the first time it made the RLS worse, I have never had sex when I have active RLS - I'm not going through that again. :cry:
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Managing Your RLS

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Post by Polar Bear »

Doesn't help, forget about rls at the time, and symptoms as bad as ever within 10 minutes. :cry:
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Post by Wayne »

For me, it helps, at least temporarily. I can relax afterward and usually fall asleep (if at night) but will probably be awake again in a couple hours.

If it's in the daytime (a time which for me the RLS is usually minimal) I can get in a short restful nap.

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