Ebook on RLS

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Ebook on RLS

Post by wkitsteiner »

Dear discussion board "regulars":

We have had some individuals contact the RLS Foundation regarding the following Ebook:

http://www.restlesslegscured.com/miracl ... 2608136022

I wonder if any of you have purchased this book? I am just interested in knowing the basic "synopsis" of the book so I can inform individuals when they contact the Foundation what this book entails. As always, the Foundation does not endorse any products that are not backed by scientific research. I am not interested in spending $30 to see what this Ebook says but thought if someone else has, I'd ask them.

Thanks everyone!

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Post by SquirmingSusan »

I've heard about her - Marie Goodwin - and her ebook. She's all about limiting salt intake as a "cure" for RLS. And I think that's pretty much what the $30 ebook is about. Don't eat salt. :roll:

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Post by HeatherB »

Gee, I haven't eaten salt most of my life and I have RLS!

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Post by Aiken »

Does this mean I have to get rid of the salt lick?
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Post by HeatherB »

Just put it put for the deer! :D

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Post by ViewsAskew »

Hi Wendi - How's the family????

As Susan said, it's basically a diet to follow; interestingly, she's written several books on getting rid of conditions and they all follow the same diet.

If you search on it (search wasn't working well last week for me), you might find a few of the posts from people who actually did buy it...and who wasted their money.
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