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Essential Oil use

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 8:12 pm
by bryan3
I have noticed my RLS for the last 5 years or so. About 2 years ago it was getting horrific and I wasnt getting to sleep until the early hours of the morning. I was desperate to sleep. I went to the doctor and in a matter of minutes I was given Mirapex or some other similar drug - all I had to do was read the leaflet and realize that I didn't want to take it - as bad as not sleeping was -- I didnt want some of those side effects.

I was given the opportunity to use essential oils as a treatment for them. The big highlights for me was their effectiveness. I took two oils, rubbed them on my legs, and that night I slept without any problem! I applied them once right before I went to bed and my legs caused me no more problems for sleeping. The symptoms would return sometimes as I would relax in the evenings (watching a movie, etc.) but I was able to sleep! I was so gratefull that I had not given the perscription handout and actually looked at what they could do to me.

There is a lot of debate about essential oils and their place in health and wellness. There are extremes on both sides with their scientific evidence about them being either good or bad. But both of them all do say one thing in common -- more research is needed to be able to definitivley make statements about their efficacy in health care. As for me -- I have done quite a bit of research on the topic and it is important to know what you are getting into. If you get the wrong oil and use it in the wrong way it could potentially (in very few instances) cause harm (just like any other drug).

For those who are interested in learning more about essential oils and their use just google it or find a trusted source for information. I am not promoting any specific brand or type of oil -- all I know is that you need to be careful. I would not necissarily go cheap -- many people say that their product is %100 oil but is actually diluted (which can harm effectiveness of the oil).

Just for the record I used the brand which is sold by a company called Forevergreen. I took a few drops of basil and heylacrism oil and added them to a base oil, then stroked them up my legs (bottom to top). I used this every night for 2 or 3 months and in that time my symptoms were gone! Now I am sure this is not a miracle cure. If it was I am sure it would have already been out before I did it. All I know is that it worked for me. Like I said it has been a few years now and the symptoms are starting to come back a little bit -- I just bust the oils out and they are gone.

Take it for what it is worth. Dont be a passive consumer in your health. Study it out for yourself and I hope you can find the success I have.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 7:04 am
by Aiken
Hmm. Let's see...

Joined the day of their first post...

Made one post, and only one post...

Promotes essential oils...

Claims not to promote a specific company, and then names a company anyway...

I call this kind of post...

BS. Spam. Scam. (Essential) snake oil.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 7:50 am
by ViewsAskew
Aiken, this could have been written by a spammer, but if so, he or she was very appropriate (which is unheard of) and seemed to "get" why we would not appreciate a post selling something. But, I tend to have rose colored glasses on most of the time....

bryan3, I took your post at face value. I hope I'm right and that you're simply someone who had good luck with this and wants to be helpful to others and are not someone who is jus brilliantly marketing a website. As you seemed aware by how you wrote your post, we are often targeted by people trying to drive business to their websites. It's both against our rules and something that makes our members crazy upset. We have so much difficulty finding a solution that people who lie to us are afforded little respect; many of us have been taken in at least once and we become very reluctant to believe anyone.

If you are just a "regular" RLS person like us, I imagine you might be a bit annoyed by Aiken's post, but will stay and continue to post here throughout the site because you understand Aiken's response and you want to be part of our community. If you are someone trying to get business, please respect our rules and do not post anymore.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 2:29 pm
by bryan3
wow - I never imagined that the very first thing that happens when I joined would be that I would get attacked. That is too bad. I hope you all know that the only reason I put the information I did was because those were the specific ones that helped me. I am not joined to the company. So thank you for the optimism ViewsAskew.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 5:58 pm
by mackjergens
sorry I have to agree with Aiken, its hard for me to believe that rubbing oil on your legs is going to cure a Neuro problem, rls is caused by a glitch in our brain according to rls research.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 7:12 pm
by ViewsAskew
To me, there are two parts to this.

First, one thing that doctors know about RLS is that of all conditions around, this is one that responds dramatically to the placebo effect.

That's a good thing! This means that we can get "rid" of our creepy crawlies by using things that aren't resolving the neuro part of the disease, but working at a different level.

In a way, I bet RLS offers a unique window into how the placebo effect works, about how we can heal ourselves without medication at all. So, maybe this is what's happening.

Second, maybe something is going on at another level. Is an oil resolving RLS at a neuro level? I have no idea. But, we don't even know how RLS really works. Could it be that our olfactory system responds to certain smells by creating dopamine, which in term helps our RLS?

Several hundred years ago the world was considered flat. For years, Europeans did not bathe because it was considered harmful. Just because we think we know something know doesn't mean we really do. The medical world is an onion and we've only peeled off a bit of the exterior. There are whole new layers to explore and we have no idea of what they hold.

I do not want people to come here to sell anything - pharma or non pharma. But, I do think people should come here to share what works for them. I also think every one who comes here should not assume that because it worked for one person it will work for them. But, that shouldn't prevent anyone from trying whatever they think will work.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 10:52 pm
by Aiken
Well, I stand by my guess, especially considering that ForeverGreen appears to be your typical multi-level-marketing (MLM) scam company, kinda like HerbaLife. Even if the poster isn't intending to scam anyone, the company mentioned almost certainly is.

(Actually, I think MLMs are called Network Marketing now, for obvious reasons.)

Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 6:21 am
by mackjergens
As I stated in another thread on this site. 30 yrs ago I would have ordered the oil immediately, because back then not many Drs knew much at all about rls, and I suffered nightly from it. But after YEARS of trying every thing that came along and never finding any relief for my rls. NOW when I read something like oils cures rls, I chuckle and move on. Sorry, I just remember to much suffering and no help.

I also believe that there is enough studies that have been done for us to actually know that rls is a neuro problem and IMHO rubbing oil on my legs is not going to cure my rls.

Now having said all that, each person should be able to try what ever they like. Bryan3 stated his beliefs about oils and I have stated mine. thats as it should be.

under another thread there is another who posted about the oils back in Jan and on that thread, lots of our members stated they had tried the oils and it didnt help them. I think newbies that come here looking for help should be able to read both sides and make a decision for themselves. Reading opinions of others should help them do so.

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 12:13 pm
by Wayne
Here's my opinion of the site.

I took a quick look at the catalog available. It seems to be just an "organic" type store selling herbal oils, soaps (even housecleaning products are mentioned), facial creams, minerals etc.

RLS or restless legs is not mentioned anywhere, and I saw no outrageous claims or guarantees that they can cure anyone of anything or offer permanent relief (like I have seen on other sites, and been suckered into once).

Most of their product descriptions just say that some herbs have been shown or believed to help relieve everyday aches or stress or fulfilll some dietary requirement (much like vitamins). A few like "memory" enhancers, I just don't believe though. Most products also had an ingredients list

It seems legitimate, but, I still agree with Aiken and Mac. No herbal/mineral oil is going to offer any serious relief or cure.

Posted: Sun May 17, 2009 8:36 pm
by Polar Bear
I also took Bryan3 at face value. I am also told often that I am naive.

And I must be naive... cos a couple of years ago I ordered and received rls oil which was specifically for rls, used it faithfully, to no avail. Actually I ordered it several times to give it a fair chance. Might as well have thrown my money away.

Good luck to those for whom such things/placebo effects work.

Posted: Mon May 18, 2009 3:38 am
by HeatherB
Your not even specific about what oils to use. There are soooooooo many E.O.'s out there. They do so many different things.

Posted: Mon May 18, 2009 4:24 am
by mackjergens
I personally do not have a problem with anyone posting anythng on this board, but I think we all have the right to also post what we feel about those posting, just like some disagree with some things I have posted. its fine with me, and doesnt stop me from posting.

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:50 pm
by NatWest
I actually had very good results using an essential oil from another company. They sent me a free sample, and I got relief the very first time I used it. That free sample lasted for 6 months. When I purchased a bottle for $14.95, it did not work, but I contacted them and they immediately sent me a new bottle, free of charge, which did work! The oil worked for me for about a year, then I guess I built up a tolerance to it or something, because the symptoms returned. But from August 2007 until around July 2008 I had no symptoms, and am very grateful for that year.

One thing seems clear to me. There is nothing that works for everyone!