2 twin beds

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2 twin beds

Post by bill »

My wife suffers from mild RLS which does not affect her sleep but constantly wakes me up during the night. Has anyone tried two single beds to cure this situation?

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Post by Heronak »

I've suggested this to my partner, because often I end up in the guest bedroom so I don't keep waking her up too. My parents have had twin bed pushed together for 50 years, perhaps a secret to their success?! There's no reason you should suffer too.


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Post by Rubyslipper »

My husband stays up late and gets up early (he has to rest during the day and doesn't need much sleep at night). When my "twitchcritters" (love that phrase!) kick in, it wakes me up and I HAVE to get up and move. So most nights, we just kiss in passing. But if twin beds makes it easier for both of you, go for it. If people are so crass :roll: as to wonder out loud why you have twin beds, tell them it's because twin sheet sets are cheaper to buy. :lol:

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re:twin beds

Post by ricjo55 »

My doctor suggested that for me. With my current meds and alternative therapies, the RLS is not noticible to my wife anymore, but I still am in a light sleep most of the night, so my wifes movements and snoring tend to wake me easily. The only problem for me is we don't have an extra bedroom to put another bed in. Seperate beds would take care of the movement, but not the noise.

I will try other things first. When the kids move out, I may have the option of a quiet room. (If they move out :roll: )
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