Help for aching forearms

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Help for aching forearms

Post by richviv »

In my 20's in the 1970's I remember seeing a Dr. because my forearms hurt. I do not remember anything else.
Currently my forearms can ache at any time, but more often at night. I wrap an ace wrap around each forearm and the relief is usually significant. Ace wraps are preferable to 'slip on' compression devices because the amount of compression can be controlled.I have tried the same thing on my legs but it was not helpful.

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Re: Help for aching forearms

Post by Norm »

Have you seen a Neurologist?

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Re: Help for aching forearms

Post by ViewsAskew »

It could be RLS/WED - compression can work. I have to wonder why it would work on your arms and not your legs. The key is whether movement helps to determine of it's really WED/RLS. Walking, shaking your arms, etc. And, whether or not it helps to get mentally involved in something. If all the sudden you don't notice it because you were involved in something.
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Re: Help for aching forearms

Post by tea4one »

Hi richviv, I've had trouble with neuropathy and RLS in my arms. Whenever my neuropathy arises, usually from running long distances or heavy lifting, I'll use a pillow to help reduce the pain. While lying on my back I place a pillow on my abdomen so that I can lay my arms atop the pillow, hands elevated and elbows flared to the sides, or even better, straightened as much as possible. If this helps to reduce your pain you may have some nerve damage causing neuropathy. If the pain is extreme at night you can use a padded knee brace and turn the padded portion to the inside of your arm so that you cannot fully bend your arms/arm. Keeping your arms straight may help to alleviate the pain. I hope this is of some help.

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Re: Help for aching forearms

Post by Yankiwi »

Sometimes my forearms ache but usually after vigorous work or exercise. I don't think my arm aches are related to RLS or neuropathy and a few aspirin, paracetamol or Ibuprofen sorts them out. I try to vary the painkillers and take my RLS medicines too.
If I'm lying in bed and even think my arms are aching I have to get up and take something. As with my RLS, thinking about it makes it worse.

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Re: Help for aching forearms

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I also have sore and aching arms/shoulders which comes in frequent spells. If we are all chatting around a table I need to place a cushion on which to lean my forearms or it's too uncomfortable. Ibuprofn is quite good at relieving this discomfort which I put down to fibromyalgia/arthritis. Alas, the ibuprofen is very severe on my stomach and it's often a balancing decision.
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