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Re: weather

Postby Polar Bear » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:46 pm

We here in N.I. have the same weather as the Southern end of Scotland.
It's a two hour car ferry across to Scotland ... the mainland.
About a two hour drive from the port to the English border, our middle boy lives in Carlisle in England just over the border.
Our area of County Antrim and in particular the East Coast would be Ulster Scots.

Steve, my brother in law is a McFarlane - with an e. Yes, the Glasgow accent is very strong. A common greeting is "See you Jimmy!!" That is "Hello there" whether it be to a known friend or a stranger. The Edinburgh accent is beautiful.

My mother was born in Bellshill in Glasgow. And there was a child born and died and is buried in Glasgow. I have the grave papers. My grandfather had found work there and he and Granny left N.I. for a few years.
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