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Post by WAM »

See what'd I tell you all? That they'd be awesome this year...remember?

Not really. It's always a shock to see them play well, but they did against Indy. That's one down and 15 to go.

(Betty...you gotta get you some American Tackle Football over there.)

What a great time of the year.

Anyone happen to notice my Avatar. Not that I would brag or anything but that's my kid Caleb! That picture is of a 26 yd. leaping TD catch.
That was two weeks ago, last week he intercepted a pass and returned it for a TD. Cool eh?
Well, chip off the ol' block I guess.
This week we play a team that was ranked number 2 in the state at the beginning of the year. Life is good.

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Post by ViewsAskew »

Hey, it's still GO CUBS!!!!! It's the middle of September and they haven't fallen apart yet. That's amazing. And, while we're at it, it's GO WHITE SOX!!!! The subway series, "L" style, is still a possibility.

I'll cut you some slack because of your son, though. :wink:
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Post by SquirmingSusan »

Cute kid. He looks just like you, WAM.

My son is on both the varsity and junior varsity football teams this fall. You know, a mom's got enough to worry about without her kid going out and playing mash the opponent and then pile the people on him, sigh. And then the high school football league information advises something like "if you want to avoid injuries, don't play football." :shock:

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Post by becat »

Congrats WAM, love the new name, LOL.

I bet you were just flying high with that one play for days. I would have been. Yeah!

As far as baseball goes, my team tanked in the most important yr of all.

My Yanks are not going to be playing in that beautiful and memory filled stadium again. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Enjoy the L series.


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Post by ctravel12 »

Hey WAM it is so good to see you posting.

I miss reading your stories. I hope that you continue to do that and please continue posting.
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Post by WAM »

Sorry Ann, I don't really do Baseball after Football starts. My family, wife, boys even my daughter can watch entire baseball games but I've never been able to stay awake for a whole game. They are all Sox fans around here...even more since that Samardzija kid the boys used to play against in High School Football is pitching for the Cubs now.

Baseball was just created to get you through the summer til Football gets here, in case you don't have a motorcycle or don't like yard work or whatever. :P Actually I used to love to watch the boys play Little League and School baseball, but Major League Baseball...yawn.

So all you Baseballers have fun, I'm glad the Cubs and Sox are doing well and all that but now that Football is here...Cubs and Sox who?

I know Mikeyvon is going to be pumped tonight watching the Bucs play USC.
Go Ohio State! I have two good friends both named Mike who are Buckeye fans.

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Sorry WAM, we don't do american football over here!!!

its all soccer, and we are a Liverpool Football club household. 'We'll Never Walk Alone' etc. etc. Not me in particular but with hubby and 3 boys who support, what can a gal do!!

Tho we do have some american canadian football shirts one other son bought when on trips/backpacking in his student days!! don't reckon that counts. :lol:
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