Request critique on universal health insurance plan

Anything on your mind that isn't about RLS? It's nice to realize that there is life beyond this disease and have an opportunity to get to know our online family in a different context.
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Ann, if you want to, you can close this thread. My whole tack in throwing a semi-finished proposal that was overly complex and poorly explained was a mistake. I hope that by more clearly enumerating my goals it will open up people's imagination to come up with good ideas that can be incorporated into a better plan. I'm pretty set on the goals, but I'm wide open to the means to get there.
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It's really hard to find a way to try and communicate what's in your head. If we were all experts at that, we'd never have communications goof-ups, no one would ever get mad at each other, etc.

I think this second try will probably help a bit to get people thinking about how it could happen.
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