This Chicky Babe is EXCITED!!!!!

Anything on your mind that isn't about RLS? It's nice to realize that there is life beyond this disease and have an opportunity to get to know our online family in a different context.
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This Chicky Babe is EXCITED!!!!!

Post by sardsy75 »

TOTALLY unrelated RLS topic here ... but hey ... i'm on cloud 9999 ...

BRING ON FEBRUARY 2010!!! We got tickets to AC/DC in Brisbane ... right near the stage!!! WOOOO HOOOO ... YEAH!!!

I quote a dear friend of mine: "Now there's a definite positive for you to hold on to!" ... To which I replied: "I aint lettin go of this one Tanya! I got my claws in it lol ... I am on such a high still hehehe"

Honestly ... "Big Day Out" - Meh ... Metallica were good ... Motley Crue were better ... but we're talkin Home Grown Talent here ... AC/DC's gonna be HUGE!!!

I'm hoping the euphoria keeps lastin for the next two n a bit days ... D-Day again ... It keeps popping into my mind, but then I keep thinkin "We Got Tickets To AC/DC!!!!" I have loved this band since I was a kid! Troy's seen them already once, many many years ago ... Me ... I don't ask for much in the way of gifts/presents/etc ... The last time I bought a new outfit for myself was over 3 years ago. The girls come first now. Just the magical experience will be enough for starters and the look of satisfaction on Troy's face when he see's me beaming will be enuff.

Metallica were brilliant ... Motley Crue (& Motorhead) were brilliant ... but AC/DC ... if ya an Aussie and ya don't know the lyrics to at LEAST 10 of the chart topping songs from the past 30 odd years they've been together, then ya don't deserve a ticket lol.


Oh bugga ... Two more sleeps ... and a few hours after that ... I'm scared coz there might be a link between what I have and something one of my Maternal Uncles has. He's a walking timebomb.

Enuff of that ... back to positive ...

Oh yeah ... A good friend of mine, Charmaine, saw the Neurosurgeons last Thursday. She has tumors on her spine.

She spent over three years kicking down Doctor's doors until someone finally did an MRI and CT on her spine and she's had to wait over another 2 years before a Neurosurgeon has FINALLY said "We'll take a look". By that, he meant: don't get your hopes up.

Charmaine has a 33% chance of becoming paraplegic, a 33% chance of dying on the operating table ... but a positive 33% chance that they can do something about it. She's taken the positive and run with it like a crazed bull!

I rang her on Thursday night and we didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... so we laughed hysterically! It's been such a long road for her, and her son, Rhys, who is an amazing young man. Charmaine would just love to go back to the way she was i.e. able to drive a car; able to lift things heavier than 1kg (not kidding!); have less pain; go back to a full-time job with the Army (they've got her working in Admin on very light duties).

Charmaine's been a fantastic support to me and she's been so thankful to know someone who's experienced such exasperation when it comes to dealing with the medical fraternity. Oh, and her birthday is the day before mine so when we get together ... look out ... coz we go a lil crazy lol. We used to work together when I was doing Bookkeeping. Oh it was fun!

Right ... lol ... oh i'm like a kid who's just got their dream present!

There were initially only 5 shows announced (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth); NOW there's an extra show in Brisbane and Perth; and 2 extra shows each for Sydney and Melbourne. I'm so glad they left Australia til last. We honestly felt left out when AC/DC announced their world tour, but didn't have any Aussie dates listed; it was worth the wait! We're gonna be in the thick of the moshing ... I'll worry about my legs after the show lol.

Ok ... time for this overly excited Chicky Babe to take her meds lol

Did I mention ... WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! ???

My philosophy is simply this: Life is too short to be diplomatic. Your friends should not care what you do, or say; and for those who are not your friends ... their loss!!!

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Post by ViewsAskew »

I almost deleted your post, sight unseen, thinking it was for sure spam, lol.

Glad I read it; I can hear your excitement through the computer screen...heck, I can feel it myself.
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Re: Woo Hoo

Post by Betty/WV »

Hi Sardsy: As another post said, and I felt the same, "I can feel your excitement through the computer. Very good feeling. To see some one so UP. We, with RLS, and so many others, have so little to be excited about. I have been dealing with depression off and on. And now its an on time. In bed for 3 days. Don't want to get up, don't want to do anything. Very bleak!!! May have something to to with this weather. Artheritis is very bad now. :x RLS not to bad. I hope I can get over this soon, it is taking its tole on me.

But, I'm happy for you. :D And your post put a smile on my face. Wish you the best. Take care.

Thanks to, I have learned so much about my condition. I have received encouragement from my friends here. This is a site I can come to when I am up most of the night, and I vent, and know those who read my messages understand

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Post by sardsy75 »

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry Ann! I was so excited it didn't even cross my mind about the title of the thread!

I'm still on cloud 9999 and i'm glad i was able to provide some smiles thru the screen.

My philosophy is simply this: Life is too short to be diplomatic. Your friends should not care what you do, or say; and for those who are not your friends ... their loss!!!

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