New Online Diet

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New Online Diet

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Today I have been on a diet for exactly one month and I have lost 20 pounds!

Rerun before diet. I was trying to figure out a diet that would work for us, my wife and I, and I thought it would be cool if someone just brought us all 3 meals and we wouldn't have to think about food at all. We wouldn't have to go to store to buy it, and we wouldn't have to think about preparing it, or think about what to prepare - we just wouldn't think about it at all. I figured it would be the best way to diet because it seemed like we spent too much time talking about food, getting food, and getting recipes for food. Not only that but we would go out for lunch and dinner, sometimes breakfast at least twice a week, sometimes more.

Then I thought that if I had thought of it that someone else probably already had too. I googled it and found a place called diettogo online. I signed us up for it, there are many different ways to do it but I signed up for them to send us breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week. It came in a large container made from styrofoam (one container for each of us). I guess about 2 feet long, foot and a half high and wide. Most of the meals are in flimsy black plastic containers that can be microwaved with plastic wrap for a lid. You can leave all the food in the refrigerator during the week. It pretty much filled up our refrigerator. They send along a checklist so you can check off the 7 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The first week they give you a good deal to try it out but it costs us $340 a week total for the two of us. So it averages out to $8.10 a meal. Sounds pretty high but then they gotta make money to do it and the way we were going out to dinner so much it is actually about the same price for us.

The guys diet is 1600 calories a day :D and the woman's diet is 1200 calories. After the first week we learned how to go online and substitute meals we were not fond of, some of the food sucks, but it depends on one's taste no doubt. Now after doing it for a month we are old pros at it and have gone in to the coming weeks and got rid of everything that we don't like, or new stuff that sounds bad. Some of the food does not require being microwaved. I have found it best to microwave most the food in the containers and then transfer it to nice plates and nuke again if required. They suggest to vent the lid and microwave which works good, especially on the vegetables that cook better steamed like that.

Out of a 5 star rating I would probably rate it at 3+ for average (but it is not like there are a zillion of these places out there). The food we don't like is really bad, but then there is a lot of the food that is pretty good - better than buying frozen diet lean cuisines for sure. It has really worked out for us because just as we were starting out on this diet my wife broke her leg so I have had to prepare all the meals. I forgot to mention that the food comes packed in dry ice and it usually gets here exactly on time every week. They have distribution centers all over the country. Our food comes from San Francisco. There is always an extra cardboard box loaded with treats like juice, rolls, and fruit. Some of the meals are very simple like they have a bagel and cream cheese with a V8.

Diettogo has 5 weeks of different food and then it starts over again. As the weeks go by you learn what you like and substitute online. It is also easy to stop and start delivery online. You can pay on credit card or debit card. We do buy fruit popsicles at store and have them for dessert and we buy coffee-mate light instead of cream for our coffee. I also should mention that the title of this is New Online Diet, it is new to us, but I think they have been in business for several years.

Here is this weeks meal plan for me:

Apple Pancakes with turkey sausage
Granola and yogurt
Strawberry Banana Muffin
Eggs Florentine
Cranapple Muffin
Baked Cinnamon Bar
Whole Wheat Monte Cristo

Patty Melt
Chicken Burger
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Thai Chicken and Mushroom Soup
Waldorf Chicken Salad
Black Bean Soup
Smoked Chicken Sandwich

Eggplant Parmesan
Sliced Turkey Dinner
Chicken Creole
Lentil Loaf
Bean Burritos
Chicken Fajitas
Johnny's Veggie Pizza

You can check it out online at

Would I pay someone $170 a week to lose 5 pounds a week? I am :lol:

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