xbox, playstation, wi etc.

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xbox, playstation, wi etc.

Post by Sojourner »

Anyone use any of these game stations to help pass the night away. Wondering if one or the other is better for seniors. Anyway, had some thoughts of purchasing one to break up the late night sessions. How bad can killing the enemy be?
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Re: xbox, playstation, wi etc.

Post by ViewsAskew »

I'd think wii might be nice because some of it you do standing up and can move around.
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Re: xbox, playstation, wi etc.

Post by Rustsmith »

Sojourner, I too would love to hear any comments or feedback about which of these game systems might have advantages or disadvantages for us. I had been holding off on adding one of these to our television due to concerns about the noise bothering my wife at 2AM and a desire to use my time on something a bit more constructive. However, it would be nice to had another alternative for those nights when my legs are so bad that even concentrating on computer work will not slow them down.

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Re: xbox, playstation, wi etc.

Post by badnights »

I bought a wii for my son, and a few years later a wii-u or was it wii2 for my parents. I don't think they use it much. The wii is not perfect - you don't actually have to make proper tennis swings, you just have to twitch your wrist and the motion sensors get the same input - it's not very sophisticated. But, you CAN swing if you want to. It's movement.

But the other game systems - xbox360 and playstation -- ummm - 3? also have "dance pads" and other accessories that allow for use of legs or arms in games (with, of course, the right games). So I don't know which system would be best. Check out Dance Dance Revolution at - even for PC now!

I have a leftover xBox (not 360) and Playstation2, these are old units. I've been playing Halo2 on the xBox. It's hard for me to adjust my hand movements to be coordinated on such a fine scale. I do enjoy it, though, and it's distracting, until I get stuck and can't figure out how to get out and keep dying and having to start from the same place over and over again. This frustration is not what I need when I'm WEDy. I mentioned this to my older son and he paused for a long moment and then explained that at first he couldn't understand what I was talking about, but then he remembered back when he was 7 or 8 and just learning how to game, he used to experience the same thing. I am the equivalent of his 7-yr-old self, only I learn way slower.
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Re: xbox, playstation, wi etc.

Post by srgraves01 »

I had a WII a few years ago but I became addicted to playing Madden online. Probably partially due to the addictive side effects of my mirapex. So it actually made my sleep worse during that time.

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