Bed Recommendation!

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Bed Recommendation!

Post by marc22rod »

I suffer from PLMD and my wife and I have been sleeping in separate beds for almost a year. I tried ropinerole but suffered from augmentation and dizziness upon standing so my doctor DC'd the medication. I sleep fine, but my wife is a light sleeper and my kicking/jerking wakes her. We are in search of a bed that will eliminate motion transfer. We purchased a split mattress California King Sleep Number bed, but it did not solve the problem. It was promptly returned. We have heard that memory foam might be an option, but with all the brands and models available we're at a loss as to which to try. Hoping for some advice on the best memory foam bed brands for motion transfer elimination.



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Re: Bed Recommendation!

Post by Rustsmith »

I have to admit that I am surprised that your split king didn't help. Was it two mattresses on the same platform or did you have two separate platforms?

We purchased an adjustable split king with conventional mattresses. The bed has two separate adjustable platforms and even when it is pushed together, I could jump up and down on my side and her side wouldn't move. So, the only issue now is if I have a long kick toward her side of the bed. But this usually isn't an issue since she likes to elevate the bottom part of the bed on her side. So, if I were to kick that way, I would hit the side of her mattress.

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Re: Bed Recommendation!

Post by ViewsAskew »

We had a memory foam bed - my husband said it solved the problem from his perspective. We had the original brand - the first one that made them and were exorbitant. Oh - Tempur-Pedic. But by 8-9 years, we had a divot in both sides where we typically slept and over the next couple years it became painful to sleep on it. You cannot flip them, so even though I turned it around periodically, it didn't solve the problem.

We bought a much cheaper mattress to replace it. We couldn't sell our condo when we tried (long story) and when we moved across country, we decided we'd rent it furnished so we could come back periodically to stay and visit family. We needed to replace the old mattress and didn't want to spend a fortune. I spent two hundred on a mattress I purchased on Amazon. I don't think I feel a thing when husband gets up and he isn't bothered by my moving around.

So far in my experience the brand hasn't mattered.

Oh - we went to a mattress store and wore comfy clothes. We had husband pretend to sleep while I tossed, turned, got up and down, did leg exercises, etc. Not sure if you tried that, but seemed worth it to us.
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Re: Bed Recommendation!

Post by debbluebird »

Mattresses are only supposed to last about 10 years. My mattress that is only about 4 years is starting to show wear. Like everything else they make things to wear out so we have to buy a new one.

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