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Knee surgery

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 9:58 pm
by icrochetafghans
Has anyone else had increased problems after knee surgery? I had to have a total knee replacement last December. Starting about 8 weeks later, when I was able to start decreasing my pain meds, I started having severe muscle cramps that nothing would stop. I woke up screaming during the night. One night, my husband said I had been screaming every few minutes for 3 hours. Needless to say, he found the sofa again. My doctor said this wasn't normal after a TKR, and maybe I was overdoing it. I honestly think my leg was just freaking out after being beaten up so badly from the surgery. It has mostly gone away now, and my high doses of Vit B complex are working again for the RLS.

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:54 am
by ViewsAskew
You know, I think all surgery can worsen RLS - not just knee. Not sure if knee would be worse for some reason, but it is possible, I suppose.

Glad your high doses of B are working again.

Oh, and welcome to the board :-).

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:43 pm
by debt_59
I know when I had my knee surgery it was real paingfull and my other leg seemed to be extra jumpy at that time. Like it was making up for my other leg not being jumpy. I did notice that the leg that my knee was operated on did not jump. Which I was thank-full for. But my other leg made up for it. Very little sleep. My knee pain and the other leg doing it's thing made for a long day and night. I am one of those people that can't take naps, one because it takes me to long to get to sleep and 2. because my legs won't let me.
So I do not even try to take naps anymore.
So yes I think knee surgery makes it worse.
Happy Holidays