Husband slept and I didn't

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Husband slept and I didn't

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Why was my husband sleeping and I only took naps :?: He has sleep apena and sleeps with a cpap machine. My doctor did some testing on me and found I would probably sleep better with a bipap machine. I have the oxygen and humidifier. It took me awhile to admit I needed the machine but I am now sleeping better.

I take 1/2 0.5 mg Mirapex middle of the morning, 1/2 Mirapex & 1/2 Klonopin 0.5 mg middle of afternoon, and 1/2 Mirapex & 1/2 Klonopin at bedtime. With my bipap machine and taking my meds in this order I am sleeping and my legs are o.k. during the evening and night.

I cannot figure out why there are some days, all in a row, that nothing helps and then this period will end and I am back to normal by taking my meds.. :?

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Hi BB,

Yes, I have many friends that say that the CPap and BiPap are helping them sleep. I think I might be on one myself someday, but have more hope than fear about that.

I wish I had some great answer for you about the RLS and Sleep deprivation issue. I have 2 out of 7 days that I sleep almost or through the night. Been like that for yrs..

I think for myself I have many things that can effect my RLS and sleep. The RLS is so unpredictable for me, that I have given mine two categories.
1. headache, Regular to most days I have, in terms of severity and manageable to my terms. I normally under treat my symptoms, but that is ok with me for the most part. I am a rare bird in this community and those of us hanging out in the top 3% have choices to make about treatments options left to make.

2. migraine, This would be what I call an attack. Much like a migraine, compared to a regular headache.
I go whole body and every symptom + an increase in pain, certainly 85-90% chance I will not see sleep for days.

Weather, altitude change, allergies, food and drink, sleep or not,....even, excitement or sadness. My body just senses an uproar of some kind. Good and bad bring the same result. So your mood does or can be part of it.
Hormones, as I'm a chick. blunt, but true, sorry. :)

You can try to start a calendar for a couple of months, if not 3, for a good sample of information. If you list your meds., times you took them, sleep or not, how many hours?, and also list, exercise or activity, plus the food and drink.

In 2-3 months you and the doctor can look back and see if anything pops out? Gives a light bulb moment and a new lesson learn. Daily diaries are great for you to be able to see it all condensed.
*Note, Make a copy for your doctor and make it simple to understand. They will take the time to look at information if they can easily. Just a thought. :)"

Welcome and glad your here, only sorry it had to be for RLS.
BTW, I'm from NM....miss my sun sets.
Have a good one. Hope it all evens out soon.

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Yes, it is a mysterious disease. All we can do is trial and much error and pray there's some rhyme or reason for the successes. I've recently had more bad nights then good (like tonight) so I'll take a Xanax or pain pill when I can tell tr RLS has broken thru, walk for 20 min, then go back to bed as opposed to tossing and turning for hours. Proactive I am.

Hey Lynne.

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Welcome back Hos.
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