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Polar Bear
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I am nearly cross, I want to be so cross but don't know if I am being unfair.

Usually I sleep about 1 hour early morning, get up for a couple of hours to read, sudoko, pc, etc. and then hopefully go back to bed and get a couple of hours sleep. I begin my night in our bedroom, and if I awake etc. then in order to cause least disturbance I often go read in the spare bedroom or come downstairs to the pc. I tiptoe back to our bed around 5 or 6 am.

DH is early retired and works job share part time, he will be working today and rises at 7am.

Tonight I felt the need of making sure I got a little more sleep so took a temazepam 10mg as well as my Zopiclone 7.5mg. I fell asleep at 1am and awoke again 2.15 am..... so much for strong sleeping med.!! Got up for nearly an hour.

At 3am I went back to 'our 'bed, given that there was a good chance of sleep what with the extra meds dosage, and fell asleep. I can sort of remember a wee nudge which obviously meant stop snoring.

At 4.30am I was awakened as DH sat up onto the edge of the bed head in hands..... unable to sleep ??? .... He said there was nothing wrong.... then said a little tetchily that I was 'snoring for Ulster' . To which I offered to go to the spare room. He says no, its ok, I says no you have work tomorrow. But I went.

So here I am at the pc, and I am kinda cross, perhaps a little hurt, cos he also snores, of which he is aware. My comment was (said very nicely)) '''''its a pity that when we both get to sleep we both snore.'''''

I'm annoyed that I took extra sleeping meds that have been wasted cos I was wakened up (OK he couldn't sleep -but there was the spare room to go to, even tho I would have felt guilty in the morning).

I'm annoyed that he was tetchy about it, tho he does have to get up for work. (DH is the kindest of men but not renowned for his patience). BUT, he snores, the kids have always teased him about it.

Is it just my dignity that has been rocked, was it cos DH became Mr Grumpy, (We tease him about Mr Grumpy)..... is it me again being on my own self induced guilt trip for not being Mrs 100% Perfect.

Am I being super sensitive/moody which can be caused by steroid medication (or is this just an excuse).

Or am I just p.$$.d off at something else that is affecting my life which is caused by who knows what..... cos I have so many conditions/meds in the last year.

I'd really have liked to stand with hand on hip... and give it my all :evil: .... i.e. ''''' So you think your Mr Perfect.... what about the nights your snoring kept me awake when I was working full-time and not a word said about it'''''
''''' So now you know what its like not to get to sleep''''' (unfair of me....cos its not his fault I have rls/insomnia)

Aaaaggghhhhhh...... Glad to have this place to rant !!!!
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I really want to see that hand on hip routine, PB. I'm sure we'd all get a chuckle out of that.

This may sound odd but......what does it matter why you feel as you do? Feelings are feelings - you can't prevent them, they're not "wrong" per se, and they sometimes make NO logical sense!

I think you've hit on a key thing. When I'm not 100% feeling well physically, it seems as if there less or no buffer between me and my emotions. The smaller the buffer, the faster the emotions take over. That's when I really relish hand on hip, finger wagging. I oh so want to tell someone off. Unfortunately, sometimes that's just what I do.
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If you take away all the feelings of guilt, it seems obvious why you're upset. You have chronic, severe problems getting enough sleep, which is critically important to healthy longevity, and he knows it. Yet when he couldn't sleep, he chose to wake you up passive-agressively, rather than move to the spare bedroom. As far as I can tell, he indulged himself at your expense.

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Go ahead and rant or vent or whatever you want to call it PB. Also put hand on hip if you want, you can even put both hands on hips. We all know where you are coming from. Especially the women. It seems we bend over backwards to not be bothersome. My husband is the same as you described yours. I think we do pretty good, especially suffering with this monster RLS. I don't know how I have functioned all these years. Most of the time with just 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Then getting up and doing my best to take care of my "duties". All the time being totally exhausted. :?

See, now I'm ranting. I must be in a bad mood. I have only slept a couple hours. And afraid I'm augmenting or something is going on. And no doctor that really knows how to deal with RLS. :(

Sorry if I jumped in on your rant. Your post just hit a nerve I think. Wish you a better day tomorrow. And especially some good shut eye.

Take care. :)

Thanks to, I have learned so much about my condition. I have received encouragement from my friends here. This is a site I can come to when I am up most of the night, and I vent, and know those who read my messages understand

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