Does it work to retry a medication?

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Does it work to retry a medication?

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I visited a new neurologist and when I mentioned that some day I may need a low dose opioid when my ropinirole is ineffective, he said that it may not be necessary yet. He said that gabapentin worked for a few years before it stopped being effective. I could try it again. I asked if that would work and he said yes. Is this realistic?

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Re: Does it work to retry a medication?

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Yes. The exact mechanisms that most RLS meds provide relief is not known. It is known that DAs cause neurotransmitter dysfunction that is at least partially reversible in many people is further support of this theory.

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Re: Does it work to retry a medication?

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I agree. Things we tried before can work later; and things sometimes work together in lower doses that were impossible to tolerate each one on its own in higher doses.
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Re: Does it work to retry a medication?

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Yep - also have had that experience.
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