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Hug to our (((((((JUMPYOWL)))))), much love goes with that.
You know we are interested in hearing what going on.
I'm so sorry things have gotten a bit out of hand for you. I know your love for your work is important, not to mention something you simple can't stop from doing. Your brain seems to work without your permisson. Just have to get answers to your questions.
I would say that normally this is a good thing, but you need a very real, healing break. I hope you've gotten that while being at your son's house. If your driving to this appt. with the neuro......sleep, rest before you go.

Ok so you have been told you have depression. Certain life events have caused you chemically to change. That's ok, it's a workable thing. Maybe this phyic doc can help you work some of those issues into a better place. I think your a brave man. Dealing with pain, your work, and other things, you do truely seek a solution. I'm hoping that this doc helps you sort things into usable moments. I know your a very smart man, but your heart is big as well. You are still leading us, teaching us with your post. Sometimes, we simply need a little help. It's ok to go in search of that and it's ok to push for it.
You my dear, sweet Jumpy have helped countless people here. Your education of us all is unmeasurable. Your care and kind words comfort us. Your trusted with the hardest questions, some of us more so than our own docs. We are left wanting without you. Your fight and hard work for us is not unnoticed and valued.
You need to take care. We're willing to wait til your better, but we're not willing to let you go just yet. Your needed. Your cared for. Your wanted.
May the moon and stars shine brightly on you, you dear soul.
Be well, Be well.......Keep us posted.

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Lots of thanks, Becat!

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That was beautifully written Becat. You even outdid yourself! :) What I did not say in the post is that you gals and guys and my interaction with you kept me away from a nervous breakdown. I now see the cause of my problem clearly, I believe.

My participation here, however, only helped and has paid back a thousandfold!

Love you all! I hope you are all better at least a bit!!!
Jumpy Owl

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Hi, Jumpy, honey--

Just wanted to say "hi" and I saw your post.

Good luck with all ahead, and just a side note.... please try to be careful about your diet. You seem like someone who might sometimes not prioritize food, with all else on your mind.

BUT, getting enough protein and limiting "junk" (processed and/or sugary foods) CAN be beneficial to any time our brain chemistry/emotions are below par. It's an easy thing to do in conjunction with other medical/pharmaceutical strategies, to help it all work better.

With big hugs and sincere regard, my friend.

Sara :D

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Hi, it's Jan

Sometimes life jumps up and takes you by surprise! You're just taking a little detour on your journey--and, maybe this will help you slow down and rest! You ARE a dear man who has helped countless people, myself included--and now it's YOUR turn to let us be there for YOU. You know, I've always said I worry about you. I'm so very glad that you're getting the care you need. As far as anti-depressants are concerned, and your past opinion of them--we all have changed our minds about MANY things!! I'm just glad your doctor found one that will help you!!

Please take care of yourself, Professor Owl! You are such a vital part of this board, and, even more importantly, you are LOVED by many of us. Remember my famous saying: We're a FAMILY! That's a bond that cannot be broken! We need you--we need to know that you are taking care of yourself, that you are happy, and that you will be back with us. As Becat said, rest now--rest your body and soul. We will be here waitaing for you. We're not going anywhere!


No one is alone who had friends.

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To All!!!

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RLS and Depression!

Thank you for your interest!
Jumpy Owl

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