RLS in arms?

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RLS in arms?

Post by chamster25 »

I have had RLS syptoms since I was 15, I'm 24 now, I just didn't know it was RLS until the commercials for the medication started to air. I sometimes get it in my arms too, and I have read online that some people also get this. I am hoping I'm not alone. I had it so badly last night in my arms that it made me cry and I had to go to the er. It lasted 4.5 hours, usually when it is in my legs it only lasts 1 hour at the most. I just feel like I'm going crazy and want to know that I"m not the only person with these symptoms.

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Post by ViewsAskew »

There are many posts about it on the board. The search function isn't always the greatest, but if you try a search, you will probably find several threads about it. The short of it: RLS occurs in all body parts :( .

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Post by Heronak »

I get it in my arms as well, although not nearly as frequently as my legs. Pushups until I've exhausted the muscles helps generally. You're not crazy!


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Post by srualo »

I used to only get it in my legs but now I see it working its way into my arms...not as bad and much more tolerable...for now that is! :roll:


RLS in arms?

Post by mwbeck »

I have had RLS for as long as I can remember. I too never new what it was until recently and just lived with it because I could not explain it and people thought I was imagining it. When I was little, it was mainly in my legs, and occationally in my arms. However, now that I am older (42) it occurs a lot more frequently in my arms (nightly) and rarely in my legs. It is mainly in my shoulders now, but it does effect the entire arm as well. It seems that it is mainly effecting my left side though, my left arm/shoulder and leg. I rarely feel it on the right side (maybe because I am right handed?)

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Post by Neco »

I can't decide if having it in my arms is worse than my legs or not.. Its primarily the left side of my body that gets the sensations, but I too have had many nights where I was without medication and became emotionally frustrated with the way it was affecting my left arm.. I'd often punch my arm out of frustration / anger, hoping it would just miraculously go away or at least calm down.

You should definitely look into some treatment options if you haven't already. I was a total mess at one point where I couldn't get any relief with the options I had available, and I felt like a battle weary solider / zombie.. If you suffer that badly from it quite often, sleep deprevation will destroy your sleep pattern and life for sure, I know it did mine. If I didn't have medicine I don't know how I would ever be able to sleep and subsequently, function even remotely close to a normal human being.

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