Could a fall cause a major flair up of RLS?

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Could a fall cause a major flair up of RLS?

Post by Chamster25 »

I fell last week on the stairs, while I was carrying both my kids, so I didn't catch my self at all. I landed on my but, and thought I broke my tailbone. I went to the ER and didn't break anything, just really bad bruising. Now a week later my RLS is really bad, has anyone experienced a injury to their back and then had worse symptoms?

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Post by ViewsAskew »

There are lots of people who link RLS to back injuries and back surgery. In fact, surgery in general can worsen RLS. No one knows, but the dopamine that we seem to have difficulty with, may be the dopamine that comes from our spinal fluid ( I think I'm remembering that right). If so, it makes sense that changes in it would change RLS symptoms.

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Trauma & RLS

Post by Heronak »

I know that surgeries can influence RLS, it has certainly been the case for me. I've had multiple surgeries on my left knee over the last 20 years and the RLS has always been worse in that leg. I had a knee replacement in August and since then the RLS in that leg has increased.

It would not surprise me if trauma of any kind affected RLS. Best,


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Post by smidget »

This is exactly what I am looking for, if there is a possible connection to back surgery and RLS. I have not been diagnosed but want to be able to talk intelligently with my doctor. And yes, I had back surgery 2 years ago and have had "weird" feelings in my legs like I have to stretch them. As I have thought about it over time I have wondered about the possibility of RLS.

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