Busy Legs

Whether new to RLS or new to the site, we welcome you and invite you to share your history and experiences with RLS/WED, introduce yourself, and ask questions. Successful treatment starts with a solid understanding of this disease.
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Busy Legs

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I am a new member to RLS.org. I am happy to find you. My situation seems a little different than what has been described as RLS. In my case my legs can not find a comfortable resting popositioon for more than a few seconds while sleeping (or trying to sleep). This has caused a great deal of stress and sleep deprivation. I am forced out of bed for hours until my exhaustion level overcomes the sensations and I am allowed to sleep. The situation has become a nightly occurance and soon I feel I will become totallly sleep deprived and disoriented.

I would welcome any comments or advise from anyone who has a similar experience.

Thank you,

I am new to RLS. My symptoms are a bit different than others that have posted. My problems occur when sleeping where my legs will never find a position of comfort for more than a few seconds.

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hi.. good to speak!

it doesnt sound that different? are you thinking that its not rls because you dont get the 'irresistable urge' to move your legs - to remove the "feeling" in your legs? it really does smell of rls'ey stuff to me!

have you seen the criteria that rls org uses? its here.. http://www.rls.org/NetCommunity/Page.as ... &srcid=178

have a look and see what you think. keep posting!

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