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I didnt even know this had a name.

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 10:31 am
by clare
At the moment I have found some relief in taking a small dose 3.75g of zopiclone nightly. I was really pleased to be getting some sleep, but last 2 nights I have woken about 2hrs into sleep with the RLS. Zopiclone is not listed in the avoidable meds section, but I wonder if it could be a problem. I need to sleep and i am getting more with zopiclone, but dont wish to worsen things in the long run.

To introduce myself, I am 38 yrs and have had RLS since I was a child. It could never explain what was wrong back then, I used to say I was having a nightmare that had very horrible sensations. I used to call it a recurring dream, thats what I thought it was, I never had a name for it and just used to try to explain these horrible sensations.

I still wake in the night having this unberable senataion of needing to move my legs, I have to shake them, walk about. Its horrible.

Just out of interest, twice in my life I also twice had a neuro problem called Bels Palsy, where half my face was completely paralysed for weeks and I had to take steroids to cure it. Is there any link, has anyone else here had Bels Palsy?