I finally understand what RLS is...!

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I finally understand what RLS is...!

Postby babytoes » Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:31 pm

I think I know what rls is... when you put all the medications away and all the science there is just human. And the reason *I* got rls is because I have something to do. Something very important and I'm not doing it!

So I think that is what rls is... I grieving point where our dreams need to be expressed. I don't think rls is just a malfunction of the body. It means something...

Its constantly on my foot telling me get up! Start working! And when I do... it goes magicaly away or instantly tender. Isn't that funny...

Since I started working on my dreams its been the same sensation but it changes in moods. It likes when I work to accomplish my dreams and even relaxes itself around me in a cuddle bond.

So I guess... I've formed a relationship with this thing. And its not bad... I get a lot done and the insights into myself are a lot more clear. Plus I think that at its supper essence, rls is very dearly to be trusted. The stuff we throw on top of it is just to hide its amazing light.

Just wanted to pass the note... cya

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