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I've had restless legs syndrome for too many years (it was first thought to be a form of tardive-diskenesia-until I stopped all meds that could have caused that). I've get it during the day & also in my hands besides my feet. It is worse in PM & with my husband coming home from work at midnight & then I wake up--I have it all over as incapacitating and again struggle to get settled down to sleep. I've been on sinemet with no help. The doctor has given me the starter kit for requip & I'm afraid of it--of what I've read in the "Black box warnings" & the tv commercials. I have several other medical problems so I take morphine sulphate for years & 8 mg of klonapin for years & now I'm afraid to add requip to it but I'm afraid to not add it. I use a wheelchair & I've just started to try to walk with the aid of my service dog & I don't need to be worried about passing out with the requip & all the other meds & trying to get a life back together all at the same time. My spine is extremely fragile & it has taken 10 years of hard work to be able to take a few steps -I also don't get the proper amount of exercizing I'm sure for my legs.
To say the least I am extremely frustrated & would like to figure out a way to function in this world without problems from requip or others like it. I take alot of vitamins, I did use a magnetic pad under my legs which did help for awhile until I had to have 2 differnt (for 2 differnt reasons) electrical implants( one is like a pace maker for the spine & the other is like a pace maker around the vagus nerve in my neck) that makes using the magnetic pad not an option anymore. I'm the kind of person that gets every minor side effects of all drugs & if I get a reaction to any of these drugs like requip & miramax-I don't feel my fear of falling from other health problems is unrealistic. I've just begun to walk-& now I'm afraid of it being taken away by some form of side effects-like I said I get every side effect listed for every drug and have lived my life on taking medications for the side effects of medications that were for the side effects of the medications for side effects,etc.... I'm tired of it all & scared & I just want to live w/out RLS & get some well needed sleep & rest. I know my husbands interrupting my sleep in the middle of the night when he comes home makes it harder to get back to sleep, but also I wake alot due to alot of pain for other reasons & then the RLS is worse. Some nights I just scream because I wish I could cut my legs off (not literally but I've wondered if that would solve the problem-I'm almost that desparate but in my more sane moments I know that there would just be more problems with that "treatment". I guess I hope someone could have some advice for me although my other health issues makes alot of ideas not possible- or extremely scarry. I'm not too keen on the doctors regiment of a bedtime dose of requipt along with nighttime morphine & nighttime klonapin & other meds. What if I don't wake up? He sees nothing wrong with it..but he's not the person that lives in my body!!! Thanks for at least letting me rant & get my frustrations out about this as it is late at night & I'm dealing with a bad eposode asI logged on. So thanks for this discussion board!!!

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