New to Board but Not RLS

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New to Board but Not RLS

Post by IceCheerMom »

I began having symptoms of RLS in my early 30s - about 20 years ago. My symptoms are bad when I sit for long periods and in the evening, especially when I am in bed trying to get to sleep. I feel the need to move and stretch my legs to the point I am too AWAKE to get to sleep. I also have some involuntary movement of my legs at times - always when sitting down or trying to fall asleep. It is somewhat of a jerking or stepping movemet.
So far I have had some pretty good relief from - of all things- an oil called Night Time Leg Calm. You rub it on your lower back and down the legs. It takes about 10-30 minutes to kick in and seems to work over time too. I use it every night. It helps me fall asleep on all but my worst nights. However I think my quality of sleep could be better. I tend to wake up in the night though I don't know if that is from RLS.
I am wondering if I should see a doctor about this. I take other meds for asthma and vicodin once or twice a week for my spinal stenosis so I am not keen on adding more meds to my routine unless I am going to get a lot of relief leading to good sleep. I always worry about liver damage from meds.
I have found that on the one or 2 nights I take Vicodin that i get good sleep. I also do better when I stick to my exercise routine.
Does anyone have any recommendations short of a dr visit and prescription meds?

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Post by runner1 »

hi icm,

I've also had rls for years.Before i started on meds i used a deep heat cream that worked well.It's the only thing besides the meds that did work.

I took co-codamol 30/500 at the same time and they gave me some relief.From reading posts on here,it seems most opiate based painkillers,in one form or another,seem to help alot of people with rls.

I'm sure others will have some tips for you.Goodluck

take care,michelle

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Post by HeatherB »

There are alot of different medications you can take for the RLS. I think you may have Periodic Limb Movement Disorder as well based on you saying you have involuntary movements. I have RLS and PLMD. You sound just like me! Go see the doctor. They can help you. You need your sleep and restful legs.

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I noticed that you get good sleep when you take Vicodin....opioids work for many of us. And, often we find out because we're taking it for another reason.
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