Anyone ever heard of getting RLS after quitting smoking??

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Anyone ever heard of getting RLS after quitting smoking??

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I have a weird situation... I quit smoking cold turkey about 50 day ago... I have been suffering from RLS since then... I also started at a gym about a week after I quit smoking. Other than that, nothing has changed. I've never suffered from RLS but now it mostly drives me nuts when I sit at a computer or at night when I try to read in bed (which I used to do for hours but now can only handle 15 minutes or so because of the RLS) Anyone heard of this? Do you think it is a sympton of the smoking cessation or could working out at the gym have anything to do with this? Thanks for any comments.

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I've never heard of RLS cropping up after quitting smoking, but I have heard of it getting worse from working out, so I'd put my bets on that. Either way, I wouldn't start smoking or stop working out. :wink: But maybe move your workouts to a different time of day, or do a different kind of workout, and see if that helps.

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I have had rls forever, but stopped smoking in 2000 after 30 yrs of smoking and noticed no difference in my rls.

Have you started taking any type of cold meds or allergy type meds? Dont try taking any pm meds such as tylenol pm or other otc meds, because those can really make rls alot worse.

If I were you I would read as much as possible about rls, you might run across something in the rls material that could answer your question. It could be that rls just happen to start at the same time you quit smoking. is there anyone else in your family that has rls?

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Smoking does affect brain chemistry, so I'd say it was possible. Didn't happen to me, but we're all different.

But, as the others have said, MANY things can affect/cause/start/worsen RLS. You could have changed your diet and are getting less iron, could be taking new medication - OTC or script - etc. Exercise can definitely make it worse....or better. For some of us, it's worse only for awhile - like a couple of weeks until we're used to it. A recent study showed that exercise does help RLS (moderate exercise) for most people, but many of us have found that heavy workouts can make it worse and it doesn't get better.
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I once asked dr B (about RLS after smoking cessation). He didn't know the answer, but said that it might have to do with the stress that comes along with stopping nicotine.

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