Just Benadryl...?

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Just Benadryl...?


Hi all,
After trying everything for years and going crazy I took two Tylenol PM and..
"IT WORKED"...But why ?..Benadryl is the answer. Not only Benadryl is an antihistaminic, you know, the stuff for the allergy, but also has anticholinergic effects..read about it if interested.. and its use to treat mild forms of Parkinson's disease. Interesting...
I don't know for how long its going to work but for the last 10 days I'm sleeping like a baby...I'll be happy if this information can help even one person...Happy sleep everyone. Peace.

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Post by SquirmingSusan »

Eduardo, that's interesting that Benedryl actually helps you. For most of us with RLS, Benedryl is poison, and makes our symptoms much, much worse. But it's great that it works for you and helps you sleep!

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Post by ViewsAskew »

huh....maybe it knocks you out so you don't notice, but as Susan said, many of us go CRAZY when we take it. I hope it continues to work for you.
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Post by mackjergens »

Glad to hear that benadryl works for you, but I have to warn other new rlsers to be very careful using this otc med. As others have said it usually drives most of us nuts.

I took ONE tylenol pm several yrs ago and I have never had rls as bad as I had that night, its was horrid! I could not sit down for one second, had to walk all night long. So for those who have not tried it. I recommend that if you do try it take only ONE tablet in the beginning. I cant imagine what two tablets would do to me.

Most all antihistines are listed as a drug to worsen rls on the rlshelp.org web site. NOT saying to not try benedryl. If you do pick a night you do not have to go to work the next day and prepare that it could make it worse.

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Re: Benedryl

Post by Betty/WV »

I was given benedryl before a heart cath and it drove me crazy for hours after. :cry: Never will I take it again, in fact, when I fill out papers for a doctor I put it down as something I am allergic too. I also carry the card Medical Alert for RLS. And you have to stress over and over again when dealing with the medical profession, that you have RLS and that they read the Medical ALert Card. Because if you just give it to them and they copy it and put it in your records, that will be the last time it is looked at. The RLSer that says it helps him sleep, I can't imagine why. As someone said in their post, benedryl is poision for people with RLS. :shock: We are a strange group. BETTY/WV
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Post by racert69 »

yea one night after a long day after a loved one passed away before i knew what RLS was i just knew my legs hurt and i had to move them all the time i took 2 tylenol pm AND DID I EVER SO PAY I SLEPT NONE I WAS UP WALKING CRYING I WENT OUT SIDE AND HIT A TREE WITH A BASEBALL BAT IT WASNT A GOOD TIME I JUST NEED SOME REST SOOO ILL NEVER EVER TAKE THAT CRAP AGAIN 100 PILLS CAME IN THE BOTTLE AND THERES 98 LEFT AND THAT WAS 8 or so months ago
thats when my mom gave me a ultram she took for her back and that was the relife i need

JUST GLAD TO HEAR THAT THE Benadryl is working for u!!!!!

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