Breastfeeding and RLS

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Breastfeeding and RLS

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I'm new to this site, but am familiar with RLS, since my dad has been taking medication for it for 15 years. My RLS really didn't start acting up until I started breastfeeding. Some nights I could hardly sleep due to the jerking of my legs and anytime I sit for at least 15 minutes, when I stand up my feet and calves ache. Iron supplements have helped some, but I am unable to take any meds due to breastfeeding. I'm curious, has anyone else found a connection between RLS and breastfeeding? Any good remedies?

Kelley, 35 and new mom

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Kelley, I have'nt had the experience of RLS symptoms and breastfeeding. My RLS did'nt really kick in until my children were much older. You may want to check w/ your physicians and see if you can take one of the dopamine antagonists( Mirapex,Requip ) and safely breastfeed. If they advise against it, I'd suggest some of the non pharmaceutical approaches. Exercise, hot baths, and massage are always helpful for me. Also, I've found that some foods make my symptoms worse, caffeine, wheat products such as breads,etc. A food journal my be helpful. Your sleep being interrupted maybe causing some problems also. But that is a fact of life young moms go through w/ small children. I hope you get some relief soon. God Bless

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I've not heard of breastfeeding being the kicker - it often starts in 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Did you have a difficult delivery? The amount of blood loss could be significant. I'd suggest blood tests of ferritin and hemoglobin. You could be anemic or low in ferritin. Either could cause RLS.
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