I'm back)

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Re: I'm back)

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Good one!!
I'm with you on the school thing mine was atrocious as well, only functioning at a minimal level while working at a feverishness pace. I couldn't remember what i had read so i only really did well in tactile things or classes where the odd teacher just wanted me to move on, (some felt sorry for me). I would sleep on occasion with my eyes open in class or standing in front of the teachers--(while they tried to show me something--sheer exhaustion).
This passive "well wait and see if things improve" attitude from the dr's has to change. How old do we have to be before we can say with some sort of assurance that we aren't going to be able to sleep at night (so maybe it would be ok to sleep whenever we can or change the approach or something)? :think:
I'm 45 and my dr still says "oh don't do that" when I suggest napping when I can. I'm still sleeping less and less --under 2 hrs a night broken--usually about 1 hr. I personally they are all a little nuts! :crazy:
Sadly the story was the same as a child 4-5 times a year hospitalized and drugged to sleep then oh don't sleep during the day or you won't sleep at night. "Newsflash" I'm not sleeping at night now. (or then)
I don't want to wait any longer the price is too high.
It'll be great to get this thing turned around so people can actually start looking at it objectively--not through a set of old rules. :clap:

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Re: I'm back)

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God it's all too heart-breaking. I will do as suggested and jot down ideas, time to change old attitudes.
Beth - Wishing you a restful sleep tonight
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