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Rubyslipper here, and it has been a long time since I was on here. I used to be pretty faithful and then things happened. I was on the BOD for the Foundation for a few years and am now working with sleep apnea and sleep problems in general. But my first concern has been and always will be with RLS. I want to keep up with what is going on and this is the best place to do it! Sleep issues are finally coming to the forefront in several areas. You see it more in the news, in research, in conversations. RLS has always had a tough row to hoe in getting recognition so maybe now is the time for us to finally be heard with acceptance. Who knows? Anyway, I want to be as updated as possible so that I can bring RLS to the sleep table. I might be working in the sleep apnea field but the two are so often tied together that some people actually listen!

As always, this is a great discussion board--one I point to in setting up others. Keep up the good work!
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Hey, Rubyslipper! Welcome back. Hope to see more of you - regularly :-).
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Hi Rubyslipper. I for one am interested in what you bring to the table for those of us dealing with RLS/PLMD and OSA. I have a favorite board for the RLS (this one) and one for the OSA (cpaptalk). It's been quite a journey. I went away for a while, but I figured if there's anything new in the RLS field, I'll hear it here first. So much information. Welcome back.
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