Ferriton levels/supplements

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Ferriton levels/supplements

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I am sure this topic has been discussed plenty before - so I understand ferritin levels are key to controlling RLS/PLM.

Any tips on what supplenents to take?

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Re: Ferriton levels/supplements

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By far the least expensive and readily available is to take is to take one tablet of ferrous sulfate daily and a vitamin C. Preferably on an empty stomach. Should be taken at least one hour and preferably two hours separated from any other medicines as ferrous sulfate interacts with many tablets in your stomach.

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Re: Ferriton levels/supplements

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If possible, get a lab measure of serum (b lood) ferritin, before and a few months after starting the ferrous sulfate. (Ferrous fumarate is also as good.) Then you can tell how well it's working. If your ferritin is not raising enough, you can try 2 pills.

But you should make sure there are no contra-indications to taking iron, for you. eg. you're not on thyroid meds.
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