best iron suppliment to increase ferritin levels?

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Re: best iron suppliment to increase ferritin levels?

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legsbestill wrote:My GP has offered me iron injections but I asked Dr Buchfuhrer about them and he does not favour them. Can’t remember why but it sounded plausible. A member of a UK forum uses iron patches that she imports from the US and her serum ferritin has increased considerably. PatchMD is the site she buys them from.

Legsbestill, thanks for your reply...I finally realized I could google my question and it looks like iron injections are done but are uncomfortable compared to infusions. I wondered if anyone here has done them. But if Dr Buchfuhrer doesn’t favor them then that’s enough of an answer for me. The patches look to be a great alternative for people with digestive issues. My only hesitation would be the additional supplements added since I tend to react to things. But it’s not expensive and another thing to possibly try out and see.

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Re: best iron suppliment to increase ferritin levels?

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I had to stop taking iron for now as my lower intestines just couldn't handle it. Like you said, yawny, I was doing fine and then suddenly I really felt sick. I'm trying to get everything back to normal and then will try again. My challenge is that I take Sinemt for my PD and it also upsets my stomach a little. But I need the Sinemt to function.

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Re: best iron suppliment to increase ferritin levels?

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Blood builders

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