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Re: Melatonin

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:39 pm
by legsbestill
Dear Betty, I would think it would be wise to wean given a dose of 4mg.

You might be pleasantly surprised initially at how little impact reducing the dose has. I got quite low before symptoms worsened appreciably. It was the calm before the storm however because it was torture from then on.

I was surprised at how much I could get done during the day even when I had practically no sleep for several weeks. You might find you are still able to support those around you, albeit in a slightly reduced capacity. Having said that, maybe it is time for you to be the one receiving support, just for a little while and for the long term gain of improving your rls.

I withdrew without any opioids - or in fact any other med apart from 150mg of lyrica which, needless to say, had no impact on the withdrawal exacerbated rls. I am nothing but delighted that I got off pramipexole (even though I have resumed a very small dose this year).

I agree with Beth, I think you would see a significant improvement in your rls if you discontinued ropinerole. It might be worth checking your serum ferritin before you start.


Re: Melatonin

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:07 pm
by Polar Bear
Legs -- my Ferritin is up around 180 and has always been pretty good.
And yes, absolutely, I would wean, just how quickly to wean is another matter. I will most likely write to Dr B in this regard.

Certainly control is not particularly good at present, symptoms have been with me all day despite medications and at now 3pm I am standing and 'jigging' at my desktop. Just taken some extra meds from my stash to hope to be able to sit sensibily and eat dinner later.

You withdrew without any opiods ??? I applaud you.

Thankyou for your advice and comments :thumbup:

Re: Melatonin

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:11 am
by curqlink
I took at least a year weaning from 3 to 1 mg. After that i went cold turkey. Legs is a superhuman. Even with opioids and marijuana i got 2 hours sleep at best for 5 nights straight. I went to work every day but i was pretty much a zombie. After 5 days it gets better quickly tho.

Well worth the 5 days of hell. My symptoms are better now than they have been in years. If i had to do it over again...i would speed up the reduction process. I knew what i needed to do. But i hadn't discovered this site with all the information and support available from all the fine people here until recently.