CBD oil

Here you can share your experiences with substances that are ingested, inhaled, or otherwise consumed for the purpose of relieving RLS, other than prescription medications. For example, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, diet, kratom, and marijuana (for now) should be discussed here. Tell others of successes, failures, side effects, and any known research on these substances. [Posts on these subjects created prior to 2009 are in the Physical Treatments forum.]

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CBD oil

Post by Hollybelle78 »

Has anyone tried CBD oil and found that it works for them? Been on gabapentin for years and unfortunately it isn’t helping anymore.

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Re: CBD oil

Post by Rustsmith »

The only benefit that I have found with CBD oil is that it is very effective as a treatment for RLS induced anxiety. For the rest of my symptoms, it doesn't do anything at all.

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Re: CBD oil

Post by Polar Bear »

I tried CBD Oil for several months without success for symptoms or sleep. Second bottle is sitting at the back of a cupboard.
Opinions presented by Discussion Board Moderators are personal in nature and do not, in any way, represent the opinion of the RLS Foundation

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Re: CBD oil

Post by legsbestill »

It did nothing for my rls and was VERY expensive. I think it might have helped slightly with anxiety but not enough (if at all) to justify the cost. I have read of people who got almost full relief with it however so it's probably worth trying.

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Re: CBD oil

Post by debbluebird »

It just helps with sleep when I'm wide awake.

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Re: CBD oil

Post by QyX »

I tried CBD oil, prescribed from my doctor in small and high doses. Initially it improved sleep quality (a bit) and boosted my overall mood and energy. However the effects did not last very long and were not that strong.

But when I later got a prescription for medical Cannabis too, small doses at night together with inhaling high potent Cannabis CBD can increase the sedative and hypnotic properties of Cannabis.

In my experience, CBD is useful but only when used together with THC.

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