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Re: EMF Please read

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I am 64 and had RLS for the 1st time when I was around 10 yrs old. I have had it off and on for years. But when I got married 2 years ago and moved from Ft. Worth to Boerne my RLS got bad. I was up and down all night. I found when I slept upstairs it wasn't nearly as bad. To make a long story short, I was smart enough to realize something in my environment had to be making me worse. Using a guase meter that the electric company brought out, I layed the meter on our MOTORIZED bed and the meter jumped all the way over to around 6.5 which is very high to be sleeping on. When I unplugged the bed the meter dropped to 0. That night with the bed unplugged the severe jerking stopped. However it didn't stop completely. I decided to hire a company that will come out and check EMF (wi-fi). In our bedroom the router is in a closet by my the bedroom. When he checked the router it was emitting very hgh. Out smart tv was off the chart reading in the millions. Interestingly in the bedroom upstairs there is no wifi, it is just hard wired and the readings were very low. I can sleep in this room with no RLS. Now every night we unplug the router and the TVs and my RLS has almost gone away. I have noticed when I watch tv in the living room for a couple of hours my RLS acts up even though everything is unplugged. Also, realize wifi penetrates walls. I keep my cell phone out of the bedroom. Please give it a try, unplugging everything you can and see if it helps. I would never have thought it had I not experienced what I did. I am 100% certain it effected mine.

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Re: EMF Please read

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Welcome Swiilet. Thanks for a fascinating initial post. Does that mean you do fine without medication if you sleep in a low EMF room?

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Re: EMF Please read

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I wish that had helped me. I never would have known about this as an issue except we have a dear friend who - through a lot of research, reading, and so on came to the conclusion that this was something he wanted to eliminate in his house to help with issue he had. He hired companies and cleared his house of EMF. He and his family turn off all phones at night and keep them downstairs, in addition to turning off his router completely and other things he does. In one of our chats, he mentioned that it might help my RLS. We visited him about 8 months ago and stayed in his house for a week. No change for me. I wish it had.

Definitely a strange disease, isn't it?
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