My journey to get off Mirapex and use cannabis instead

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Re: My journey to get off Mirapex and use cannabis instead

Postby TucsonGirl » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:11 pm

UPDATE: I have found a system that seems to be working. I started at 150mg Tramadol, with a few puffs of CBD heavy MJ. to get used to the MJ. I am down to 50 mg Tramadol at 6pm, with a 10mg MJ hard watermelon candy. At 9pm I take 300 mg magnesium. I have been sleeping great. I also put a warm blanket on my bed. It is overly warm but that has always helped with my legs. I will do this regime until Sunday evening. Then I will try to eliminate the Tramadol completely. It is going to be tough. I am not experiencing daytime drug withdrawal symptoms anymore. Whew. Bad two weeks.

I have on hand a vape pen with CBD heavy oil. I have not found it to be effective. For some reason taking the hard candy proactively in early evening works better. I think I will have trouble next week when I eliminate the Tramadol completely. I will try to take some puffs of the vape pen when it is bad to see if it will help.

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