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I have used kratom but was in the middle of prami withdrawl. It didn't really do the trick and it tasted disgusting. So my doctor came up with a plan. Go back on prami at. 025. Any sign of augmentation. Come off and use klonazepam. Klonazepam didn't do much for rls and the dose to get me to sleep left me zonked too long. So I just suffered through a week off and went back to prami. I managed to get a few months before augmentation set in. I read kratom dissolves in an acidic juice. So I dissolved it for 20 min in grapefruit juice. Ten times better to drink. One gulp all gone. But stupid me I took zopiclone with it. I slept good but I do not remember doing a second dose of kratom. Just the evidence of two dirty glasses in the sink. I slept good. But apparently I slept walked. I also have a new script for restoril. But I'm going to try kratom by itself tonight. I did 3 grams last night. I'll try the same tonight. The good news is I ate 2 liters of ice cream which for me is a trigger. But. I had no rls symptoms. Zopiclone usually won't put me to sleep so the combo of kratom and zopiclone works. Might have to try just the kratom or try half a zopiclone. I also have restoril or klonazepam to try. Hoping kratom alone will work. I'd love to be off prami for good. Even though it works well for long periods before augmentation. Not sure if kratom worked. In hind sight it was dumb combining but I knew zopiclone didn't work for me anymore. Good news is I know I can sleep with a combo of zopiclone and kratom. Just have to lower both doses.

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Re: Kratom.

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For me Kratom definitely helps RLS leg jumping and helps sleep moderately. It has helped me cut my pramipexole dose to 0.125 mg nightly. For me it is not as strong as prescription narcotics but unquestionably helpful. I used to take it in grapefruit juice as you do, but I am on a ketogenic diet, which also seems to help leg jumping. I stopped the grapefruit juice because it has 4 grams of carbs in it for 2oz ( carbs are a No-No on a ketogenic diet). Now put kratom in capsules. I use one gram an hour before bedtime and another 500 milligrams when I wake up to go pee. I also use 5 - 7 milligrams THC (medical marijuana) which doesn't help the jumping legs much but definitely improves the sleep in combination with kratom.

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Re: Kratom.

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I am so glad that people are finding kratom useful. But there is some bad news on the legality front. Alabama has outlawed it, and now North Carolina is attempting to, as well as New York and New Jersey. You might try donating some money to the Botanical Legal Defense Fund, as they have managed to have several states just outlawed it for kids under 18, and keep it legal for adults.

Be well, everyone.

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Re: Kratom.

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Scary. Thanks for the update, jul2873.
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