Traveling with Kratom

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Traveling with Kratom

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I travel quite a bit, mostly to see children and grandchildren, although occasionally to take a cruise. Luckily the states my family live in have not yet outlawed kratom, but I have traveled through Ireland when it was illegal, and it is now illegal in England as well.`

So I keep a collection of pill and medicine bottles, as well as an empty tea tin, to store the kratom in for travel. So far, no one has questioned anything, and I have had drug-sniffing dogs walk right by me in airports. So no trouble so far, but the main airport I fly from is Newark, and New Jersey is trying to outlaw it now. Sigh.

I do much better with kratom when I take it dissolved in orange juice. So now I put a double dose (two grams for me) in four or five small plastic containers. Then after I go through security, I buy some orange juice, and fill up the containers. My last trip, from Newark to LAX, had me on the plane for nine hours, due to gate overload, mechanical stuff etc. Every two hours I drank one of the cups with two grams of kratom in it. The flight was late afternoon until late at night, so I worried, since that is my worst time for severe RLS attacks. But I was fine the whole trip. Of course, I had an aisle seat, and tried to move around every hour or so. The last hour and a half we were on the ground at LAX and not allowed out of our seats, as the plane was down but driving around the airport waiting for a gate. And I was fine!

I feel now like I could go anywhere. Best to all,


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Re: Traveling with Kratom

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Isn't it comforting that you know you can cope with such extended travelling conditions.
If kratom becomes illegal in New Jersey will you have to change your departing airport.

On my recent 11 hour flights from Dublin to San Francisco and return I was so worried about coping - but temporarily upped my doses of medication from about two hours before take off and indeed it was fine.
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