Augmentation- Cold Turkey

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Re: Augmentation- Cold Turkey

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Do you think your doctor would be open to reading information provided by an RLS Expert?

There are some links in the Just Joined Forum - RLS A Good Place to Start. Also in the Augmentation section. Printing off a few relevant papers could be useful.

Also, this is a great book, it is easy to read and importantly, could be used for discussion purposes with your doctor.
Clinical Management of Restless Legs Syndrome by Lee, Buchfuhrer, Allen and Hening. If you decide to get it make sure to get the second edition. These Authors are at the top of the league when it comes to the treatment of WED/RLS. It can be found on Amazon.

Also, have you had your ferritin serum level checked, this is pretty important. It is a blood test that is not normally done with routine blood works and you need to ask for it. We need a level of around 100, especially if we are taking a DA drug such as pramipexole or ropinerole. When getting the results of this test please ask your doctor for the actual level = do not accept ‘normal’ as an answer. Doctors and Labs may consider 20 to be normal… but it isn’t normal for us.
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Re: Augmentation- Cold Turkey

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@ Borzoibabe
Your neurologist is clearly ignorant of the basics of WED/RLS. Her attitude is unfortunately common. Since she's your best bet for a referral, and in an effort to keep things pleasant, probably the best thing to do is bring her some literature. Specifically, if you can, print out the Medical Bulletin for healthcare providers published by the Foundation (instructions in the link below my name below this post) and give her a copy of this. (The Foundation also has pamphlets on augmentation and other topics that you might find useful, but don't overload her at first.) Best to read the Bulletin yourself first, and highlight 2 or 3 key paragraphs that you feel are relevant to your situation. Tell her you got it from the RLS Foundation, which is a non-profit with an advisory board of physicians who are RLS/WED specialists.

The ferritin test polar bear mentioned is important too. Low ferritin (below 75) is associated with more severe symptoms and increased risk of augmentation on dopamine-type meds.
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