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Re: Augmentation or weak Kratom??

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:29 pm
by Eternityroad
When did the insomnia start? A lot of us get insomnia from opioid meds, I'm wondering if kratom has the same effect.
The insomnia started before RLS became an issue and before I started in on opioids. When I moved to town 25 years ago I had a job on the graveyard shift for two years. I finally got off that shift but ever since then I have had a problem sleeping at night. I take kratom in the middle of the night and have no problem falling back to sleep. As it is I split the Ambien in half anyway.
have you had your iron checked recently?
I am not certain if an iron workup was on my last blood test. I take a synthetic thyroid medication and have to get tested for that twice a year. Usually they do the typical culprits, prostate and cholesterol, etc., during one of those. Don't know about iron. I will talk to the doctor about it.

Thanks for your interest.

Re: Augmentation or weak Kratom??

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 6:48 am
by badnights
Hi again, sorry I haven't been caught up here.

It's interesting how something like a couple of years of graveyard shift can impair our bodies' abilities to sync to the solar day. I was just reading an article about how light therapy was used to entrain a group of people to a longer circadian day (as if they were on Mars). The experiment lasted a few weeks (I forget exactly), but the effects were still evident 2 weeks after the experiment ended. What would 2 years do to you? Well, you know what it did to you. Some people don't seem to suffer long-term damage but others do.

It's also interesting that if you have Delayed Sleep-Phase Disorder (you cannot sleep at a normal time, you only sleep well later in the night, and consequently wake up later) then you should never try to cycle through, staying up later and later every day until eventually your night is at a normal time again. The reason you mustn't to do this ( - not scientifically validated, completely anecdotal) ... the reason not to do this, even though doctors will sometimes recommend it, is that ignoring your body's already-somewhat-dysfunctional circadian cues to sleep and wake can throw you completely out of whack and change DSPD into something worse : Non-24-hour Circadian Disorder.

I think WED/RLS promotes non-24 even without any other factors being involved - - but that's a topic for another post somewhere else. The point is that sleeping problems are a separate thing that has to be dealt with, but are intimately tied to the WED/RLS and things you do to help the WED can affect the insomnia or vice versa. I wish I was being more helpful.

Ask your doc for the usual iron workup plus ferritin.

Re: Augmentation or weak Kratom??

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:52 am
by Eternityroad

the pramipexole did not work out. Even dividing the 50mg tabs into four didn't bring relief. I eventually upped the dose, felt a bit nauseous and then read that it could bring about syncope with which I was diagnosed 15 years ago. Currently take fludrocortisone and attacks are rare. Maybe once a year if even that. But I did have a mild attack while I was taking the Pramipexole. After a week and an half I quit the pramipexole.

Last week the doctor agreed to give me a script for hydrocodone and I went off the Ambien. He gave me 7.5-325 (30 days, three tabs/day). I also found a new strain of kratom which works quicker and more effectively than the strain I was using. I am using both the hydro and the kratom. 3 tabs/ day is not enough hydro to fix the issue in and of itself. I use the hydro for early evening and take a dose again before bed. No problems with sleep but that I usually have to get up about 3:00am and 5:00am and dose with some kratom. I use the kratom also mid-morning until time for hydrocodone--small doses every two hours. It has just been a few days and results are mixed. I dose with 1-1/2 tabs at 5pm and 11pm. I am finding that now the effects of the hydro don't last as long as compared to when I was last using it. Then I could get by with 1/2 tab all night! It has only been a few days and I am still experimenting with doses and times. But at least I am not taking 5 tsp. of kratom in a space of an hour to relieve my symptoms. Finding the new strain was a boon.

Btw I do not have a thyroid and been taking levothyroxine for 30 years. I get regular blood tests for to determine if adjustment in med. is needed. I am wondering if this medical condition has any bearing on RLS. Doc also raised my dosage on the levothyroxine this time around.

Thanks for listening,