Young child with PLMD

RLS occurs more frequently in certain populations, including people with end-stage renal disease, women during pregnancy, and people with iron deficiency. Also, RLS/WED in the elderly and children brings other challenges. Sharing your experiences may be extraordinarily helpful to others.
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Re: Young child with PLMD

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Good thinking. I like your reasoning re the healthcare providers.

Part of the problem with physicians in general is that the sum total time they spend in medical school learning about sleep is often just 1 hour. A 1-hour lecture on sleep issues. That's it. Not sure if that's still the case, and I'm sure it varies from school to school.

I also like the idea of having a politician write a series about it. I hope you can start another group or get the existing one active - your part of the world would really benefit from your energy and will to work at this.
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Re: Young child with PLMD

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Well 15 000 000 people can't be wrong or lieing. What, we ALL had a sit down and decided to hatch this dasterdly plan to harass the Dr.s? Then got more people convinced they are hypercondriacs?? Haha, I wish, then we all could go back to being "normal" and tell em "you were right, we're just whiners". But we're not, and the more we inform the governments and Dr.s of how to help us then maybe, just maybe, we will one day have "our" day. I am going to write a letter to the editor with a copy going to our local MLA and Premier Christy Clark. Then one is going to ALL the Premiers in Canada and one to the Primister himself. I am not a lobbyist with a billion dollar budget, so I doubt he'll listen but worth a try. I am hoping this brings some attention atleast to our plight. If not I will write letters until someone listens and does something. Even if they can't help me, they can help some poor kids like us who suffered only because they weren't open minded enough to realize there is no age limit for this disease. I'm not taking no for an answer anymore, that's just a copout as far as I'm concerened. We waste money on referendums on what kind of tax you want to pay but we can't help kids with WED? Not in my lifetime buddy...

I will put a copy in here, forget what the thread is called where you post your life and the hard times you had. That's the tiredness coming back, had it a few days ago. Oh well, I am sure one of you know what I'm referring too.



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