Celiac disease and RLS?

WED/RLS occurs more frequently in certain populations, including people with end-stage renal disease, women during pregnancy, and people with iron deficiency. Also, RLS/WED in the elderly and children brings other challenges. Sharing your experiences may be extraordinarily helpful to others.
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Celiac disease and RLS?

Postby djohnso55 » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:04 pm

I was diagnosed with RLS about 3 months ago. I had a colonoscopy that was fine. I was taking iron since my ferritn level was 8, when it did not come back up, my family Dr. order me to have an upper gi. Also, family dr. referred me to a sleep specilaist because the requip was not working which I see the sleep doctor tommrow.(It took 2 months to get an appointment) Anway I had the upper gi done and they just called three days ago and diagnosed me with celiac disease. I was wondering if any one has celiac and RLS. I guess I am hopefull that after getting on the gluten free diet to help the celiacs maybe I will absorb the iron and that wil take care of the RLS? With celiac disease when you eat gluten it destroys your small intestine so you don't absorb nutrients. So now I am having to learn about going on a gluten free diet and that is not easy since gluten seems to be in so many foods. So just wondering if there is a connection.

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