NeuPro: keeping track of patch locations

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NeuPro: keeping track of patch locations

Postby MikeD » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:04 pm

Here's a technique I use for keeping track of where to place NeuPro patches.

The NeuPro patch seems to work more reliably in different locations for different people (assuming we're always within the shaded areas shown in the instructions for starters). Also, we're told to allow at least 14 days between repeat use of a given spot.

I took photos of my front, back, and sides, then modified them into high contrast images, seeking a balance where moles or other unique skin features show up but the background is more white than gray. The moles and unique features enable you to more accurately map the patches onto your body so, for example, if you know a particular spot on your hip didn't give you good results, you can accurately avoid that spot. Then I shaded the larger areas on the photos to match those on the NeuPro instruction sheet. Keep one copy as a master and make another copy to use.

Each day I mark the spot on the photo that corresponds to the actual patch's location on my body. I mark the date, and/or you could use sequence numbers -- any way that helps you avoid each spot for at least 14 days. Then the next day I use highlighters to color code that location's effectiveness: green, orange, red for very effective, so-so, and not effective.

I think initially I wasn't following the application instructions closely enough and I may have compromised a few of the patches. So I give each location a 2nd try. If it's not effective again, then I update my master image to reflect that info.

You can easily do two 14-day cycles on a single set of photos, so you could start this process on the 1st of each month and then the date becomes your sequence number.

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Re: NeuPro: keeping track of patch locations

Postby Rustsmith » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:46 pm

MikeD, I was on the patch for 15 months before augmentation caught up me again. I started out with a similar approach. I found that after a month or so that I had identified 14 locations where the patch 1) worked, 2) would stay attached, 3) didn't cause too much irritation, and 4) wasn't didn't cause discomfort as I would move around. The last one is what stopped me from using the suggested sites on the small of my back. The patch caused too much pulling of the skin as I would twist my waist or move around.

Once I had my sites identified, I had a simple diagram that I used that had my sequence numbered. After about 3 or 4 months, I stopped consulting the diagram because I had the sequence memorized.

The biggest catch to all of this is that when you do start to augment and first need the higher doses, this means that the patches get bigger. Sites that were great for the little 2mg patch were a bit more challenging for the big 4mg ones.

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