Five Years on Kratom

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Five Years on Kratom

Postby jul2873 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:02 pm

I'm coming up to my fifth year using only kratom to control my RLS symptoms, and thought some members of this board might find my experience useful.

First--and maybe most importantly--I never took a DA. Fairly soon after my RLS became a daily issue, I discovered kratom, and never looked back. I'm wondering if the DA's do some permanent damage, since few people here seem to get along solely with kratom after coming off of a DA. Just a thought . . .

Secondly, I make up doses (a tsp. in a little cup of orange juice) which I keep in the refrigerator, and take when needed. I don't take kratom on a schedule, only after the RLS starts up. Now, if I know it will start soon, like when I'm going on an airplane, or planning to go to a movie or something like that, I take a good dose ahead of time. But usually I wait for those first twinges. That's why I want to have a dose ready ahead of time. Usually drinking the dose and walking around for a few minutes gets the RLS back under control quickly.

I have had to increase my doses a bit. I started with 1/2 tsp. of kratom, and have gradually increased to a whole tsp. Sometimes, if I have a bad flareup, I'll take two doses at once. I try not to worry about it, but just follow the lead of my symptoms.

I've found the red Borneo is best for nighttime control, but then often in the morning I'm still sleepy. So then I'll take a dose of green kratom, which seems to wake me up. Often, too, I substitute maeng da or Bali strains for the red kratom, to try to keep from developing tolerance.

Kratom doesn't last forever. During the time when the DEA had announced they would list kratom as a schedule 1 drug, thus making it illegal, I stocked up. And even though I kept that cache for the most part in my refrigerator, after about a year and a half I noticed it wasn't working as well. I ordered some fresh kratom, and was able to cut back quite a bit on my doses.

I have a capsule-making device and keep capsules in my purse for emergencies. Also, my husband occasionally uses kratom but can't drink orange juice as he is a diabetic. So he uses the capsules. If I take very much in a capsule form it upsets my stomach.

On the whole, I have a good, enjoyable life. I typically do get up three or four times a night to take a dose, although last night I just woke up twice. I drink the little cup of kratom and orange juice, and walk around and usually listen to music or a podcast on my iPhone. I'm lucky that I'm retired and so can usually sleep in.

Kratom has really been a miracle herb for me. I hope other people are also finding it useful.


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Re: Five Years on Kratom

Postby badnights » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:25 pm

Mary, thanks for this useful summary. It's so valuable to have a synopsis of someone's experience, especially with something like kratom which not a lot of people are using compared to more conventional meds.

I had wondered about old kratom losing its effects, because I have some that's years old now! I'm keeping it "for emergencies" but by the time I need it, it might be entirely useless.

You made a comment about possible long-term damage caused by augmentation on dopamine-type meds, which I'm going to respond to in a new Topic.
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