Ropinerole and anxiety

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Ropinerole and anxiety

Postby 2BassetMom » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:03 am

After visiting a quality care center in February, I have been taking .25mg of Ropinirole nightly. I had traveled to La Jolla to see a doctor at Scripps Medical Center. I told him about augmenting on dopamine agonists and he prescribed Ropinirole. He says it is a gentler d.a, I took it for 30 days and only woke up once or twice during the night with rls. During this time I was waking up with anxiety occasionally. Upon returning home to Idaho, I have had difficulty in getting in with a sleep doctor and am continuing to wait for an appointment. My primary care doctor isn't up on treating rls which is why I traveled to a quality care center. When my prescription ran out I called down to my son in San Diego to refill my prescription down there and mail it up to me. He did this but there was a delay and I was off this med for 2 weeks. During this time I woke up frequently during the night but didn't have anxiety. The med arrived this week and I have been back on it for 3 nights. Tonight I woke up with an anxiety attack. It was mild but really troubling. Has anyone here found that Ropinirole has caused them anxiety? My doctor down at Scripps also recommended that I take an extended release oxycodone at bedtime. I currently take 7.5/3.25mg of oxycodone for hip/back pain that also helps calm my rls. My pain management doctor's PA is working on getting that going. With all the hysteria about opioids this is difficult. At least she is willing to try. I don't really want to be on Ropinirole and hope that the Oxycodone Extended release will work.

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Re: Ropinerole and anxiety

Postby Rustsmith » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:53 pm

Anxiety is listed among the less serious side effects for ropinirole. A less serious is simply one that doesn't call for immediately stopping the medication and does not mean that it isn't a problem. Therefore, I hope that you are able to work things out to get the prescription for oxycodone worked out soon.

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