How to go off mirapex

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How to go off mirapex

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I had some vein ablutions and RLS is diminished if not gone. I take an augmented dose of 1 mg Mirapex. How do I wean off. I tried half last night but had insomnia. Is that ok for a week and then go to a quarter dose?

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Re: How to go off mirapex

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At one mg, some doctors would have you just stop. But, tapering is never a bad idea and because there is a risk - albeit a small one - of problems (DAWS), seem prudent to continue what you are going - once you get to a 1/4, you can see what happens if you stop. You will likely have some side effects and hopefully insomnia will be the worst of it. If you have increased RLS or other symptoms, let us know. If your dose was high, but you did not suffer from what is called augmentation (the RLS symptoms worse because of the pramipexole), you should stop without issue. If, however, you did have increased symptoms due to the pramipexole, you may go through some increased RLS when you completely stop.
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